February 17, 2021

Questions to ask your SEO expert

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Hiring an SEO expert can be really confusing. For many business owners, it is overly technical, and most of the time, they just want to know if you can help. I have put together a list of green lights and some red flags that can help you narrow down if your SEO expert is up for the job.

Green lights

  • Experience – It’s all too easy for somebody to label themselves as an SEO expert, when really they’ve only been in the business for a few months. Make sure to check how long they’ve been doing SEO. 
  • Testimonials – This speaks for itself. If the person or agency you are hiring has glowing reviews, you can feel more confident in working with them. See how they respond to reviews too. 
  • Knowledge – A true SEO expert will have a much better grasp on what needs to be done to get you more traffic, and will explain it to you in a jargon free manner. 
  • Interest – An SEO expert will have the experience to approach the work as a multi-faceted goal. They will likely ask you many questions you might not have initially thought relevant. This is a good thing.

Red flags

  • Cheap rates – When it comes to SEO, you truly get what you pay for. Do not be tempted by rock bottom fees. 
  • Empty promises – If an SEO expert guarantees success in a very short amount of time, you should very carefully consider if you want to work with them. SEO takes time. Don’t be tempted by guaranteed rankings. 
  • Hiding their process – If they keep much of their process behind a curtain, only giving you the bare minimum, it’s unlikely they will give your project the care and time it deserves. 
  • Bad communication – Do you feel reassured when you talk to them, or are they expecting you to trust them with no proof? How do they respond to negative feedback, or pressing questions? If they’re never willing to give you a straight answer, or they disappear at crucial times, avoid!

I like to focus my SEO programs by starting local, getting your Google my business profile page setup and linked to your website, and make sure your site has been submitted to Google Search Console. These two steps along with setting up a good SEO plugin for WordPress(I use Yoast) will get you started on the right path. If you would like to get better search results from your site book a time to chat with me here.

To your Success!

Sean Rundle

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