January 5, 2021

Connect with your clients by saying Thank You.

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I recently signed up for a couple software applications that will help me be more productive with my day to day tasks. One of my new year resolutions is to automate as many of these tasks as possible. I was on the fence about one of the apps, and had a couple questions on how I could tailor it to my needs. I decided to sign up for the trial and as soon as I did, I received a really nice thank you email with a video from the founder thanking me for signing up, and providing the best places to look for support docs, and support email addresses. I was blown away by how good this simple yet effective thank you video made me feel about my purchase! I found what I needed in the support docs, and will be a loyal customer of this company going forward. Thank You is a powerful word in business!

  • Thanking your customers will make you stand out from your competition – Personalized thank yous, rewarding customer loyalty, and just taking the time to share your appreciation for their support all help to build a relationship with your audience and show you value them.
  • Thanking your customers builds trust – By showing you genuinely care about your customer, you strengthen their trust in you.
  • Your customers are more likely to recommend you – Because you show appreciation for your customers, they are more likely to recommend your business to friends and colleagues. People who they trust and value.
  • Your customers are more likely to thank you back – When you are authentic, and truly value your customers, they tend to return in kind and will choose your business time and time again.
  • By taking the time to thank your customers, you can learn much more about what they want – Saying thank you also means listening. If you listen to your customers, you not only make them feel more valued, you can help to meet their needs/solve their problems.

Your social media can flourish – People love to share images online. If you send a token of thanks, you customers are more likely to talk about and tag you in their social media.

I will definitely be using more thank you pages in my builds, and incorporating more personalized video messages.

To your success!

Sean Rundle

Sean Rundle
Founder of SR Web Design & Development. I love all things Wordpress, and can't wait to help you get the most out of your website!
Sean Rundle

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